Financing Alternatives for Commercial Clean Energy & Resiliency Improvements


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Regenerative Financing has entered into a new partnership with Rich Energy Solutions, a leading Energy Efficiency & Financing provider

Now’s the ideal time to be looking for energy savings, water conservation, solar, and other improvements, with third-party on-bill repayment options.

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Property Assessed Clean Energy

New Jersey PACE

PACE is now expected to be available in New Jersey in late 2021. To learn more, see this page and visit www.NewJerseyPACE.org

And these alternatives are available today:

New Jersey PACE
New Inter-Creditor Clean Energy

NICCE Financing

NICCE uses a special-priority mortgage to secure improvement financing for clean energy retrofits and new construction.
Learn more and apply today.


Deed-registered Renewable & Energy Efficiency Measures

DREEM Financing

DREEM attaches a special type of energy services contract to the title of the property, providing off-balance sheet clean energy financing. Learn more here…


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Possible Planet is the umbrella nonprofit for New Jersey PACE, NICCE, DREEM, and
The Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS).
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