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Financing Alternatives for Commercial Clean Energy & Resiliency Improvements

NEW: 100% On-Bill Repayment for Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Water Conservation, and Resiliency Improvements

Update as of April 24, 2020:

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership between Regenerative Financing and Rich Energy Solutions, of Northfield, NJ, a leading energy conservation solution company in the U.S., to offer a wide range of energy efficiency and 100% financing programs using on-bill repayment.

This partnership will allow us to develop a substantial capacity in the clean energy marketplace in advance of PACE, with an immediate capacity to support and finance a growing number of projects. The alliance has two distinct elements: a capacity to deliver major energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings, including in collaboration with independent solar installers, as turnkey, fully-financed solutions; and an on-bill financing program for other contractors, installers, and project developers where that’s the missing element.

As a clean energy nonprofit, our mission is to facilitate, enable, and promote practical solutions that save building owners money, reduce energy waste, and minimize carbon emissions. As New Jersey PACE, we’ve been the principal advocates for Property Assessed Clean Energy in NJ, and have also introduced other PACE-like financing models where PACE is unavailable, and we’re expanding the application of these models to ecosystem restoration and sustainable community development.

Our Regenerative Financing division is acquiring a new identity, building a new team, and expanding its existing network to provide immediate, timely, and cost-effective options. As we emerge from the global coronavirus crisis, property owners and developers will want to explore new opportunities in resiliency and self-sufficiency.

If you are thinking about climate-smart upgrades, indoor air quality improvements, and cost savings, we invite you to contact us today.


December 2019:

New “Pre-PACE” Financing for Clean Energy is Now Available

NICCE: New Inter-Creditor Clean Energy Financing

And DREEM: Deed-based Renewable & Energy Efficiency Measures Financing

If you cant access PACE Financing, this is for you

While PACE has been a breakthrough in making clean energy improvements available, implementing PACE requires effective state and local laws. Many states and jurisdictions don’t yet have these legal frameworks in place — including New Jersey, where we’ve been championing PACE for several years. 

That’s why we’ve developed two new financing approaches designed to mimic PACE. These financing models have many of the benefits of PACE — without requiring state or municipal approval.

NICCE Financing is Available NOW

A national impact investment fund is putting up $10 million in NICCE financing for renewable and energy efficiency projects of $1 million or more. Eligibility includes (a) locations in either the state of New Jersey, or in specific urban centers in other states,* and (b) projects which produce substantial savings and emissions reductions for commercial, industrial, agricultural, multifamily, and institutional properties.

*Currently available locations include anywhere in the state of New Jersey and the Bay area, LA, Austin, Phoenix, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, Hartford, CT, Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver, St Louis, Boston, and Chicago.

More information on NICCE Financing

Or use this link for a Solar Project Express Application


If you are a capital provider interested in offering NICCE Financing, please contact us.


DREEM offers energy services companies a new financing tool

The DREEM model secures a special type of energy services contract to the deed or title of the property, and the cashflow-positive savings on this contract are used to repay the lenders/investors. The contract is for the provision and maintenance of the improvements, and is therefore an operating expense for the owner. The full cost of the improvement is thus an off-balance-sheet transaction.

While there is no loan to the property owner, we still intend to seek mortgage lender consent for DREEM projects, so that the benefits to both the property owner and the mortgage lender in terms of increased net asset value are fully appreciated.

We are currently seeking DREEM capital providers.

More information on DREEM Financing

We are building a significant project pipeline already 

We have access to a steady stream of worthwhile project proposals, including net-zero energy packages, across the U.S. And we’re ready for more. We are actively seeking additional capital providers for both NICCE and DREEM, as well as interested energy services companies and property owners

Contact us to Discuss Financing for Your Next Clean Energy Project:  

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Victoria Zelin, Director of Development • 908-507-3150 • is a project of Possible Planet, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit.

Possible Planet is the umbrella nonprofit for New Jersey PACE, NICCE, DREEM, and the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS).
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