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Financing Alternatives for Commercial Clean Energy & Resiliency Improvements

2020 Regenerative Financing Program

New Inter-Creditor Clean Energy (NICCE) Financing and

Deed-registered Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Measures (DREEM)

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Through an arrangement with one of the country’s top social impact funds, we have an opportunity to finance a number of clean energy and resiliency projects this year, using an innovative technique that provides 100% financing for up to 25 years. Property owners will realize a positive cashflow immediately upon completion of their projects, without having to lay out any upfront costs.

These projects can be major retrofits, conservation projects, microgrids, cogeneration, solar, biomass, and other technologies.  We invite you to submit project proposals that would meet the usual eligibility and performance criteria. (See also Additional Financing Conditions.)

Our goal is to push the transition to clean energy and project resiliency as rapidly as possible, in the state and in the region. Initially we are looking for a small number of projects in the $1-5 million range, including but not limited to low-and-moderate income areas. These do not necessarily need to be in New Jersey. Smaller projects may also be submitted, since we’re also speaking with other interested lenders.

If you’re familiar with PACE, you will recognize that many features of this program are PACE-like. This is intentional. The initial goal of the program is to jumpstart PACE in New Jersey (and elsewhere where PACE is not currently available). The projects need to be PACE-eligible, and the agreement with the property owner will include an option for the investor to convert the financing to a Special Assessment when and if PACE becomes available — although we believe it’s unlikely many will actually be converted if the new approach is successful.

We achieve these PACE-like features through an Intercreditor Agreement that makes the obligation to repay the clean energy and resiliency investment one that remains with the land, is non-acceleratable, and takes precedence over the existing mortgage only for past due payments. The mortgage holder retains all of their other rights, and in fact benefits by having a more valuable collateral asset, and a property owner with lower energy costs. This is a win-win-win outcome, similar to that created by PACE, and it actually has fewer legal complications, because it requires no state legislation or municipal approval.

This is a pilot program, but may be extended if it proves attractive to both property owners and investors. If you have an eligible project, please complete the form below; or if you can refer us to someone who does, please contact Jonathan Cloud at today.

See Eligibility Requirements & Additional Financing Conditions

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